Learning to Pray

Learning to Pray by Benedict XVI, Pope


Drawing on sacred scripture, the Fathers of the Church, the spiritual masters, and the liturgy, Pope Benedict invites us to live ever more intensely the relationship with Our Lord, through a ‘School of Prayer’.Prayer as we all know is not a ‘given’ but something to be learnt, and the best training we can have in order to pray authentically is from the hands of Jesus. So, in this collection of catecheses taken from his Wednesday general audiences (4th May 2011 to 31th August 2011) Pope Benedict opens up a journey, meditating upon the lessons of prayer, often from important figures and great events from the scriptures.Subjects covered include: Prayer in ancient times, Prayer and the religious sense, Intercession of Abraham, The encounter with God in the battle of the night, Moses intercedes for his people, Prayer of the prophets, Psalms as the prayer of the people of God,The Word of God as food for the spirit, Prayer as the oasis of the spirit, Meditation, The art of prayer.

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