1. Thanksgiving Mass: On Monday/tomorrow at 7.00pm the Parish Priest and other priests who were ordained together will be concelebrating a Thanksgiving Mass on the 15th anniversary of their Ordination. It would be appreciated if one attends this Mass and prays for them.


  1. Buffet dinner: A fund-raising buffet dinner will be held on Wednesday 2nd August in aid of the Parish Feast of St Julian by the pool at the Cavalieri Hotel at 8pm. Bookings may be made at the Parish Office or at the Book Centre.


  1. First Friday: At 7.00pm there will be Mass followed by an adoration at the Parish Church.


  1. Flimkien magazine: Helpers who distribute the Flimkien may collect their copies from the Parish Office throughout the coming week. This month an envelope for a special donation for the St. Julian’s feast will also be distributed.


  1. Cana Course: Those couples planning to get married within the next two years are encouraged to attend the Cana Course. In our Parish, the course is held on Sunday morning and starts on the first Sunday in October.  Those interested may apply at the Parish Office during office hours.


  1. Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel: We wish a Happy Feast to the Parish of Balluta who celebrates the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel this weekend.

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