PARISH NOTICES ST JULIAN’S PARISH 23rd to 24th September 2017


  1. Fund raising activity: A coffee morning in aid of the Parish is to be held at the Hall next to the Parish Church on Tuesday from 9.30am onwards.


  1. Appreciation: We wish to thank you for the collections received in aid of the missions in the Holy Land which amounted to a total of €900.


  1. Statue of St Julian: As announced during the parish festivities, the titular statue of St Julian is going to be taken for intensive restoration during the first week of October. The job will be undertaken by Atelier del Restauro and should be completed by next August.  We would like to appeal to all those who wish to contribute to this project to speak to the Parish Priest.  Donations have so far have reached the amount of €6,000 out of the required €30,000, including the restoration, insurance and transport costs among other expenses.

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