Parish Notices ST JULIANS PARISH 9th to 10th December 2017


  1. Coffee morning: A coffee morning in aid of the Parish is to be held at the Hall next to the Parish Church on Tuesday from 9.30am onwards.


  1. Retreat: A half-day retreat for Advent is being held on Wednesday 13th December, national holiday, at the Sisters of St Clare Monastery from 9.30am until 1pm, including Mass.


  1. Children’s Mass: On Sunday, 9.30am mass in the Parish Church will be animated by children. All families are invited to attend.


  1. Diocesan Commission: The Diocesan Commission have prepared a Christmas Tree at the back of the Parish Church where one can collect a ‘Christmas Cracker’ in order to help the needy in our Parish. Contributions may be placed in the baskets placed in our churches.  Thank you for your donations.


  1. Sale of mince pies and Christmas items: Mince pies will be available for sale next weekend near the Book Centre, who also sell ornamental items, Christmas related books and Parish cards.


  1. Grupp Ħbiberija – Christmas Lunch: The Diocesan Commission advises that the Christmas lunch will take place on Friday 15th December and is open to all Group members. Anyone who wishes to book may do so by calling the parish office until the 12th December.

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