Parish Notices ST JULIANS PARISH 21st to 22nd December 2019


  1. Confession on Christmas Eve: There will be the service of confession on Christmas Eve in the Parish Church from 9.30am until noon.


  1. Christmas Eve Masses:

Immaculate Conception

Chapel:                              5.30pm          Mass


Lapsi Church:                    8.30pm          Mass in English


Parish Church:                  6.30pm          Christmas Eve Mass

11.00pm          Hymns by Amadeus Choir

Traditional Children’s Christmas Sermon

Midnight Mass


  1. Christmas Day: Mass times will be at 8.00am, 9.30am, 11.00am and 12.15pm.


  1. Parish Office: The parish office will be closed until Friday 3rd January.


  1. Feast of the Holy Family: A special Mass for families will be said on Sunday at 9.30am at the Parish Church. 


  1. Appreciation: A special thank you goes to those who provided cooked meals and food hampers during this month.


  1. Greetings: The Parish Priest and clergy wish you all a Blessed Christmas.

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