Gee, Thanks

“I will put you in charge of larger affairs.” —Matthew 25:21

When Jesus asks for an account of your service, you tell Him: “Lord, I’ve given everything I have to serve You for years. I’ve gone without sleep, had more children in obedience to You, completed spiritual projects no one but You cared about, been persecuted and ridiculed for You. I’ve fed Your sheep spiritually and physically for years (see Jn 21:15). It’s all because I love You.”The first words Jesus says are music to your ears: “Well done, good and faithful servant” (Mt 25:23, RSV-CE). Then Jesus says to you: “I will put you in charge of larger affairs” (Mt 25:23). If you’re like me, you think: “Oh. Uh, thanks, Jesus. By the way, Lord, have You noticed how busy I am for Your sake — or that I’m getting older and have less energy — or that my kids need more of my time?” But Jesus ignores the halfhearted response and exclaims: “Come, share your Master’s joy!” (Mt 25:23)Most politicians are thrilled to be put “in charge of larger affairs.” We Christians, however, often shrink from more daunting responsibilities. When disciples of Christ don’t accept larger responsibilities, we hand them over to the worldly. For example, groups such as Planned Parenthood will gladly take charge of Congress and the White House if we Christians don’t want Jesus to burden us with more leadership (see Jgs 9:8-15). How many babies continue to die through chemical and surgical abortions as a result?Let’s respond to Jesus’ command by looking at the “joy” on His face (Mt 25:23). If Jesus finds joy in putting us in charge of larger affairs, then so must we. Dare to be great for Jesus.

PRAYER: “Father in heaven…Your kingdom come” (Mt 6:9, 10). “To do Your will, O my God, is my delight” (Ps 40:9).

PROMISE: “You are children of light and of the day.” —1 Thes 5:5

PRAISE: “The Father loves Me for this: that I lay down My life to take it up again” (Jn 10:17). Thank You, Lord Jesus!

(Ferom a reflection by Fr Al Lauer, Presentation Ministries

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