PARISH NOTICES – ST JULIAN’S PARISH 20th to 21st August 2022

Feast of St Julian:

Feast programme: The detailed programme of activities for the week of the Feast can be found on our website and Facebook page.

  • Beginning of the festivities: On Monday, the 7.00pm Mass is going to be held at the Parish Church.  Afterwards, the statue of St Julian will be taken out of its niche and on to the parvis of the Parish accompanied by the St Julians Band.
  • Mass for the Elderly:  A mass for the Elderly is to be held on Tuesday at 6.30pm at Lapsi Church and during which the Sacrament of the Sick will be administered. 
  • Children’s and Adoloscents’ Day:
    • On Wednesday at 7pm there will be a special mass for Children and Adoloscents followed by a manifestation with the statue of St Julian, departing from the Parish Church up to Lapsi Church, accompanied by the Spinola Band.
  • Group’s Day:
    • The 7pm Mass in the Parish on Thursday will be held for the members of all commissions and social and religious groups within the parish.  Mons Gwann Galea will celebrate the mass, in commemoration of his 60th anniversary of his priesthood ordination.
  • Presentation of babies to St Julian: 
    • On Friday, there is a mass at 6.00pm at Lapsi Church, followed by a homily in praise and glory to St Julian.  
    • There will also be 7.00pm Mass at the Parish where all those parishioners who would like to present to their babies to St Julian are also invited.
  • Eve of the feast:
    • There will be a 5.45pm Mass at Lapsi Church.
    • At 6.30pm there will be the Solemn transportation of the relic of St Julian from Lapsi church to the Parish Church, followed by mass at 7.00pm.
    • This will substitute the usual 630pm and 7.45pm Masses at the Parish Church.
  • Feast of St Julian:
    • The Mass times will be: 8.00am; 9.00am (Lapsi), 9.30am (Solemn) and 11.30am (instead of the usual 11am and 12.15pm Masses).
    • The evening Mass will be held at 6.00pm.
    • The procession with the statue of St Julian leaves the Parish Church at 7.00pm. A sagramental blessing will be given when the procession  returns to the Church.

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