Register Child for Catechism

The following registration form is intended for:

  • Year 1 – Holy Communion classes
  • New entrants – Years 2 – 6

If you wish you may register your child by collecting a hard copy of the Registration Form from the Parish Office or by downloading it from here. Registrations are to be submitted by end of May.

Catechism lessons will follow the timetable found here.

For any other information please contact the Parish Office either by telephone or via the contact form found here.


Child's Details

Catechism Class (in October):

Contact Details

Instructions to the parents

  1. Read carefully all the information in this registration form
  2. If you deem necessary that any information should be forwarded to the Parish and/or the Catechist please do so.
  3. On the first day of the Catechism please send the Certificate of Baptism and other necessary documents with the child..
  4. Children not residing in St. Julian's need to present a Permit from their Parish Priest to attend Catechism lessons and to receive Holy Communion / Confirmation at this Parish.
  5. New Entrants 2-6: Children who attended lessons in another Parish or School need to present a Certificate of Attendance
  6. You can email a scanned copy of the Birth Certificate and other Documents on completion of this form. You can use the form here.

Parents' Decleration

We as parents promise that:

  1. We fully support our child in his/hers Christian upbringing through good example, weekly partaking in the Sunday Eucharist and through active interest in the Catholic Catechism
  2. See that the child attends regularly to Catechism, and any activities which are so often prepared for the formation of our children
  3. We inform in writing the Parish Office and/or the Catechist when our children can't attend. In case of illness we will provide a Doctor's certificate
  4. Attend any meetings held for the formation of us parents
  5. We grant permission to the Parish and the office of Catechism to keep and make confidential use of the material presented in this registration form
  6. We consent that the Parish publishes any photographic material of its indoor and outdoor functions on its media (both online and offline) of our child
  7. Finally, we ask the Parish to provide a Catholic Christian formation to our child


All children are encouraged to attend the 9.30am Sunday Mass at the Parish Church, during which Mass the Catechists present the Liturgy specifically for your children at Pope John Paul II Hall. On the last Sunday of every month, a special Mass is organised in Parish Church at 9.30am. This Mass is organised by children for children and their families.